Dunham School adds 4 fine arts faculty members _lowres

Photo provided by Lisa Hooks Murray -- Dunham School fine arts faculty gathered at the new Black Box Theatre, front row from left, are John Gray, kneeling, and Jessica Farestvedt, seated; middle row, Angelle High, Christine Miller Dubuc, Lisa Hooks Murray, Nicole Callac, Kelly Munn and Adrienne Clement; and back row, Ann Gorman and David Bayard.

The Dunham School has added four fine arts faculty members for the 2015-16 school year, a news release said.

Angelle High, middle and upper school choir, earned a bachelor of arts degree in vocal performance and has 10 years teaching experience in private, Christian education.

Jessica Farestvedt, lower school choir, is a graduate of the College of Music and Dramatic Arts at LSU with a degree in music education.

Adrienne Clement, middle and upper school art, studied fine arts at LSU and comes to Dunham with more than 10 years of teaching experience in classroom and private settings.

Kelly Munn, lower school art, received a fine arts degree from LSU with a focus on drawing and abstract painting.

Dunham theater manager Ann Gorman also announced the opening of the Black Box Theatre in the school’s Brown Holt Chapel Arts Building.