Every week this fall, Baton Rouge’s city workers could open up a box and find fresh and local sweet corn, navel oranges, green onions and other fruits and vegetables ready to take home.

The program, called “Farm to Work,” is meant to promote healthy eating among city workers. Employees can sign up to have boxes of Louisiana-grown fruits and vegetables delivered to them once a week or once every other week during the next few months.

Boxes of local produce will be delivered 10 times this fall to City Hall and Baton Rouge’s Human Resources department.

Each box of produce costs $25 each and includes 10 to 12 types of local fruits and veggies. Employees have until September 8 to sign up, and can choose to have five or 10 boxes delivered to their workplace during the next few months.

In the past, the boxes have included crops ranging from grapefruits to butter beans to red potatoes to strawberries.

The city-parish is also distributing recipes for ways to spice up the fresh fruits and veggies to turn them into a meal. One recipe for fresh purple hull peas calls for cooking them with olive oil, bell peppers, onions, garlic and spices to serve as a side dish.

Employees can sign up by filling out enrollment forms, which are being passed out in City Hall, and sending them to FarmToWork@brgov.com. The first produce delivery will arrive October 5.

Employees must pay a $5 enrollment fee along with the $25 cost of each box, which will be deducted from their payroll once they sign up.