A broken water line at the construction site of a new hotel at Bluebonnet Boulevard and Anselmo Lane is in the process of being repaired, an official with the Baton Rouge Water Company said Monday.

Crews with the company shut off the flow of water in the 24-inch water main that runs down Anselmo Lane and were in the process of making the repairs, said Hays Owen, senior vice president and chief administrative officer with the Water Department.

Owen said he wasn’t aware of any other water customers being impacted by the shut off on Anselmo.

He said a contractor working on the new Marriott Renaissance Hotel broke through the water line, causing the leak.

Once crew members shut off the water, they stopped the leak that earlier in the morning had water shooting up in the air and flooding Bluebonnet.

Owen said he didn’t have any estimate on how bad the damage is or how much water was lost because of the break.