In a new twist this year, all of the top five Miss USA contestants had to answer the same question and had their ears muted with headphones while the other contestants answered.

The question asked which female the Miss USA contestants would like to see on the redesigned $10 bill. Their answers ranged from women who have broken down racial barriers to a celebrity to a Roman Catholic trailblazer.

Miss Oklahoma Olivia Jordan, who took home the Miss USA crown, joked that she would love to see Oprah Winfrey on the bill but acknowledged that Winfrey was not a serious contender. Instead, she suggested Harriet Tubman.

But Miss Maryland Mame Adjei also suggested Winfrey and made no jokes about it. She called Winfrey a role model and said the celebrity embodies everything she wants to become.

"She's an example of someone who has been steadfast and followed her dreams," Adjei said.

Miss Texas Ylianna Guerra, who finished the pageant first-runner up, said that the nation should wait and see if a woman is elected to the presidency in 2016. Guerra said the United States' female president would be her choice.

Miss Rhode Island Anea Garcia picked the most obscure of the group. She chose Sisters of Mercy founder Catherine McAuley, and said a woman is long overdue to be on a bill.

Miss Nevada Brittany McGowan chose Rosa Parks, giving a nod to the doors she has opened for black women.

"I'm here because of her, and it would be fantastic," McGowan said.