EDITOR’S NOTE: Today’s column focuses on the intersection of Florida Boulevard and Central Thruway, which becomes O’Neal Lane south of Florida.

QUESTION: During rush hour at Florida Boulevard and Central Thruway, the light stays green too long for Florida Boulevard, allowing traffic on Florida to not only clear the intersection in one cycle but stay green without any cars. Meanwhile on the Central Thruway it may take three cycles or more to get through the intersection. Can the timing of the light cycles be adjusted?

ANSWER: Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the city-parish’s chief traffic engineer, says the traffic signal at that location was recently adjusted “to add a lot more green time for the side street.” He’s received public comment that the side street delay has been dramatically reduced.

QUESTION: Crossing Florida Boulevard at Central Thruway is extremely rough. Were the road elevations engineered correctly?

ANSWER: “The road elevations were engineered correctly,” says Anastasia Semien, a state Department of Transportation and Development spokeswoman, “and drivers are urged to obey the posted speed limit to make their commutes as safe and smooth as possible.”

QUESTION: Can a lane be added for northbound Central Thruway traffic to turn right onto Florida Boulevard, allowing more cars to move each cycle?

ANSWER: Semien says DOTD will study this intersection “to determine if an additional lane is warranted.”

Although that would be a state project, Partenheimer notes that the right-turn idea “looks like it could be done similar to what we did for Central Thruway (across from O’Neal Lane). But this would have to be done by the state as it is a state route. In fact they built the current geometry at the same time we were building the Central Thruway approach.”

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