Ask The Advocate: Burbank Drive flooding, 25 mph speed limit signs _lowres

Advocate file photo by Patrick Dennis - -Motorists on Burbank Drive encounter deep standing water as rain poured into the Baton Rouge area in March 2016.

QUESTION: Why does Burbank Drive at Nicholson Drive in Baton Rouge flood so badly? Will there be any steps taken to fix whatever the problem is in the near future?

ANSWER: Anastasia Semien, a public information officer for the state Department of Transportation and Development, tells us: “In general, low-lying roadways such as this one are more prone to flooding. There are catch basins on this portion of Burbank Drive that drain into a nearby drainage canal, and during heavy rains the canal fills up, preventing the roadway from draining quickly.

“DOTD is aware of this issue and is working to find a different approach to drain the water.”

Slow but steady on new signs

QUESTION: One can gather from an Ask The Advocate on 25 mph speed limit signs that all of the required changes have been made. A number of streets in my immediate area and several adjoining areas (East Black Oak Drive, Willow Oak, Glenda Drive, Pamela Drive, Vickers Drive, Cristy Drive, Wallis Street, Manorwood Avenue and Glenhaven Drive) all have speed limit signs still showing 30 mph and not the new 25 mph speed limit for residential areas. These streets all seem to meet the requirements of the May 28, 2014, Metro Council vote.

ANSWER: City-parish crews have been installing the new 25 mph signs, says Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the city-parish’s chief traffic engineer.

“As one can imagine, there are a lot of speed limit signs which need to be changed out. This needs to be done in an orderly method to make sure no streets are missed. It was assumed that it would take at least two years to make the changes. We are behind but we are working toward the goal of finishing as quickly as possible.”

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