Simon Schama has written books about the French Revolution and the history of Britain, but we’re particularly interested at the moment in what Schama has to say about ice cream, a summer staple.

Schama’s comments come in “Scribble, Scribble, Scribble,” a new anthology of Schama’s magazine journalism.

The joys of ice cream are sublime, and we were heartened to see a sharp mind such as Schama’s applying itself to the mysteries of this frozen dessert.

“The delirium of ice cream is inseparable from juvenile glee; the uninhibited indulgence of the mouth,” Schama tells readers. “To get your tongue round a dollop is to become instantly childlike again, whatever your age; to cop a mouthful of lusciousness that magically marries opposites: fruit and dairy, the tart and the voluptuous; a shot of excitement meets a scoop of all’s well.”

We don’t know if anyone has written a better hymn to the wonders of ice cream, a treat that makes this time of year a little cooler, and a little more tolerable.