The East Baton Rouge Republican Party is endorsing Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the Louisiana presidential primary, which will be March 5, 2015.

“Trump and Cruz appear to be speaking on behalf of a majority of the nation’s Republicans on the critical issues facing our nation. Even as some elements in the Republican Party appear to be drifting further to the left, as witnessed by the budget bill which just passed the Republican-controlled Congress, most Republicans, including the Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish, are demanding a dramatic break with the past,” said Woody Jenkins, the parish GOP chairman in a statement. “We are confident that either Trump or Cruz will put our nation on the path to recovery and serve our people well.”

Nationally, Trump and Cruz are leading the polls among Republican voters in first and second place, respectively.

The most recent national poll, conducted by CNN/ORC, said 39 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters would support Trump. Cruz came in second place with 18 percent of Republican voters backing him.

The distant third place GOP candidate is Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who 10 percent of those surveyed expressing support.

East Baton Rouge Republicans, along with the rest of those across the country, appear split on who they’d like to see the GOP nominee.

Lionel Rainey, a Republican campaign strategist, wrote on a Facebook post announcing the party’s endorsement that he disagreed with at least one of the choices.

“Donald Trump doesn’t speak for me or for conservatives,” Rainey wrote. “He’s an impulsive, reactionary egomaniac who speaks for himself.”

Others expressed disbelief of the choices.

“Is this Christmas Eve or April Fools Day?” another poster John Michael Lockhart wrote on Facebook. “This endorsement definitely suggests the latter.”

Still, others applauded the decision and tried to shut down the opposition.

George Soule McConnell wrote “You just don’t like masculine personality’s (sic)! Get over it and vote for someone that can beat Hillary and who loves this country and will keep you safe!”

The East Baton Rouge Parish Democrat Party does not have plans to endorse a candidate ahead of the primary.


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