State Sen. Bodi White, R-Central, asked a crowd of about 50 Republicans on Tuesday to support his mayoral campaign during an address at the monthly Ronald Reagan news maker lunch.

“I’m pro-God, I’m pro-gun and I’m pro-family,” White said, before later also describing himself as pro-life and pro-business.

The monthly luncheons, put on by newspaper owner and conservative activist Woody Jenkins, are mostly attended by Republicans who identify ideologically with the Tea Party movement. They asked White about his plans for transportation, and he said he would start working to fix Baton Rouge’s traffic problems by meeting with federal partners and securing dollars.

As for his current position in the state Senate, White said he is especially worried about the Louisiana Legislature’s inability to reach compromise.

“It gets worse it seems to me every year, it seems to be these gamesmanship games,” he said.

After White left, New Orleans-based radio host Jeff Crouere rallied the crowd to support the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Crouere lashed out at President Barack Obama’s leadership, and drew cheers when he laid out his case for why Trump should win and how Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are leading to America’s demise.

“With President Kennedy, he put a man on the moon, right?” Crouere said. “President Obama, he put a man in the ladies’ restroom. And that sort of gives you a little taste of the radical agenda that really has been hoisted on America.”

Crouere said he’s hoping to expand his WGSO radio talk show to Baton Rouge.