Better Together questions WBRZ reporter’s ethics for signing St. George petition, reporting on issue _lowres

St. George petition signed by WBRZ reporter Chris Nakamoto.

The anti-St. George group Better Together called out WBRZ reporter Chris Nakamoto for what they are characterizing as a breach of journalism ethics because he signed the St. George petition while continuing to report on the issue.

” Last night, WBRZ reporter Chris Nakamoto ran another in a long line of inaccurate stories on St. George. That makes it time that WBRZ dealt with an issue they should have addressed a long time ago — a matter of basic journalistic ethics,” Better Together wrote on its website.

One of the stories the group claimed was inaccurate involved what Nakamoto described as a cheating scandal in the East Baton Rouge parish School system, an account that was widely circulated by St. George leaders during their campaign. On Tuesday evening, he had a story that reviewed arguments by St. George leaders who have filed a lawsuit to overturn the Registrar of Voter’s determination that the petition was short of signatures to hold an election to create a city.

Nakamoto issued the following statement to The Advocate:

Better Together cites the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics that says journalists should avoid political involvement, conflicts of interest and to remain free of associations that that may compromise integrity or damage credibility.