The East Baton Rouge Parish Assessor’s Office is opening its property assessments for public inspection beginning Monday and ending Sept. 9.

Assessor Brian Wilson said this is the first year the property assessments will be listed on the parish tax assessor’s website:

The assessments are important to homeowners because they impact the amount of taxes paid on a property.

Those without Internet access can contact one of the office’s three locations to view the documents in person or get the property value information over the phone.

The three locations are:

• Main office: first floor of the downtown Government Building, 222 St. Louis St., Room 126, or call (225) 389-3920.

• Coursey Branch Office: Clerk of Court Building, 10500 Coursey Blvd., Room 303, or call (225) 389-3901.

• Zachary Brach Office: 5850 Main St., Suite 3, Zachary, or call (225) 654-7880.

Wilson said since this is not a reassessment year, property owners in pre-existing homes should not expect a change from last year’s valuation, unless they added onto their home.

But, he said, 2012 is a reassessment year. Assessors across the state are required to reassess all property values at least every four years, Wilson said.

Property owners who wish to appeal this year’s assessment value can request to meet with Wilson’s staff to make a case for a different valuation.

If an agreement can’t be reached, the property owner can file a formal appeal with the Metro Council, which will consider complaints and protests on Sept. 28.

If the Metro Council upholds the assessor’s valuation, property owners can then appeal to the Louisiana Tax Commission.

Wilson said disagreements generally are settled by his office.

“We get lots of calls every year, but most the time they’re handled in the first few days by our office,” he said. “There are very few formal appeals.”