The often-visible, second in command at the Baton Rouge recreation and parks agency is no longer working for BREC.

Ted Jack, BREC’s former assistant superintendent for planning, operations and resources, quietly stopped working for BREC in the past month. The circumstances of his departure are unclear.

“Unfortunately, I am unable to respond to either of your questions, as it is BREC policy to not comment on personnel matters of the organization,” said BREC spokeswoman Cheryl Michelet when asked about Jack’s departure.

Jack has not responded to recent messages from The Advocate.

He worked for BREC for at least 13 years, according to articles in The Advocate, and was LSU’s manager of campus planning in 2001 before he started working for the parks agency. He was BREC’s director of planning and engineering before moving up to the assistant superintendent position.

In 2011, Jack was one of three finalists for BREC’s superintendent job. The top position was given to current Superintendent Carolyn McKnight, and Jack spent the past few years working under her.

Jack delivered monthly updates at BREC Commission meetings on the status of park construction projects, the creation of trails around Baton Rouge and more. Jack delivered his usual update at BREC’s late April meeting, but McKnight introduced an interim in Jack’s place at BREC’s meeting in late May.

Reed Richard, a longtime BREC employee in planning and engineering, now has Jack’s former title as interim assistant superintendent for planning, operations and resources. Despite the “interim” in Richard’s title, Michelet said BREC is not conducting a search to fill the position.