Baton Rouge Councilwoman Chauna Banks-Daniel rejects 'media stereotypes,' defends spending campaign funds on clothes, hair, nails _lowres

Advocate staff file photo by RICHARD ALAN HANNON -- Metro Councilwoman Chauna Banks-Daniel.

Councilwoman Chauna Banks-Daniel was soundly shot down by the rest of her colleagues when she requested the Metro Council accept applications from the public to fill the two upcoming vacancies, which will be left open by C. Denise Marcelle and Ronnie Edwards.

AX179_5265_9The two council vacancies will become open officially on Jan. 11, when Marcelle and Edwards are sworn into their new seats in the state House of Representatives. Since there’s less than a year until their term ends, the Metro Council will vote to appoint their replacements. But traditionally, the remaining council members have deferred to the wishes of the exiting council person.

Banks-Daniel proposed a measure that would instead allow the Metro Council to take applications from the public to be considered in addition to the vacating council person’s recommendations.

But when her proposal came before the council on Wednesday, Mayor Pro Tem Chandler Loupe quickly moved for it to be deleted. Banks-Daniel asked Loupe why, and he responded, “Because it’s nonsense.”

Banks-Daniel asked for a vote, but she failed to get a second.

Edwards has recommended the council appoint Baton Rouge attorney Erika Green as her replacement, who will sit just short of a full year.

C. Denise Marcelle

C. Denise Marcelle

Marcelle initially recommended former CATS Board Chair Isaiah Marshall. But after she saw push back over his controversial history with the agency and his $13,000 in ethics fines, related to failing to submit reports on time.

Marcelle said Wednesday after the meeting that she is no longer recommending Marshall. She said the two of them mutually decided the timing wasn’t right. She said she has three other people in mind for her replacement. A group of community stakeholders will help her make her recommendation, she said.


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