The Baton Rouge Area Chamber is questioning Gov. John Bel Edwards’ commitment to road and bridge improvements.

Michael DiResto, senior vice president for economic competitiveness, said in a prepared statement that Edwards should show his support for transportation aid by including the issue in a likely special session after June 6.

“If the governor is truly doing everything he can to get money for major transportation projects in this state, and if he truly seeks to keep his promise to you to get moving on these projects, then we assume he means that he will include the ability to legislate on transportation funding in the call for any second special session under consideration, as BRAC has sought in its legislative agenda,” DiResto said.

The Legislature just finished its third week of the 2016 regular session, which lasts until June 6.

A second special session is expected afterwards to grapple with Louisiana’s $750 million shortfall for state services starting July 1.

If that happens, the governor will spell out topics for debate.

DiResto said BRAC’s comments were prompted by an email from Edwards’ political campaign Wednesday asking recipients to help the governor make transportation improvements.

Edwards has said voter confidence is needed in how the state is spending transportation dollars before more money is sought.