Classroom Spotlight: Sacred Heart of Jesus School _lowres

Photo provided by Lisa Black Cossé -- Jill Saia’s 6A class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School includes, front row from left, Ian Barber, Brian Norris, Edwards Shanks and Andrew Nguyen; second row, Madelyn Canezaro, Claire Graves, Gabi Barber, Frances Rhodes, Blake Hester and Jemma Wood; third row, Dashiell Pickenheim, Yvonne Nguyen, Zoie Monroe, Kournti Hughes and K.K. Guttzeit; and back row, Richard Carroll, Lindsey Landry, Lillian Gales, Kennedy Bond and Iryn Richard.

The Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Jill Saia’s 6A class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. The students were asked:

  • Who do I want to be?
  • IAN BARBER: “I want to be likeable because it is a great thing to be. I want to have many friends.”
  • GABI BARBIN: “I will strive to be hard-working because I think it should be used every day. I also think that it is important to be hard-working because you can choose to be hard-working in school and in your faith.”
  • KENNEDY BOND: “I value the trait of compassion because it was taught to me by my great-grandfather. I try to practice this when my friends and family are sad.”
  • MADELYN CANEZARO: “I think bravery is an incredibly important virtue. I value this virtue because you can use this virtue to find yourself and you can use this to stand up for those who need it.”
  • RICHARD CARROLL: “The value of leadership was taught to me by my dad. I value it because I like helping people get better.”
  • LILLIAN GALES: “I want to be loyal so that my friends I have now I will have forever. All my friends are loyal, so I want to do the same. I also want to be a strong leader to help others when they are not at their best.”
  • CLAIRE GRAVES: “Because my parents give me shelter and food, I value kindness. I value freedom because God gave everyone free will.”
  • K.K. GUTTZEIT: “I want to be loyal; this is important to me because I think of the Army. Those men died for us. How much more loyal can you get to die for your family, friends and nation? I want to be brave to make the hard choices in life and be strong enough to live life happily.”
  • BLAKE HESTER: “The virtue I strive to be all throughout my life is a leader. Because leadership is very important to me, this is something that will help make me a better person.”
  • KOURTNI HUGHES: “I value the virtue loyalty because my mom taught me that it’s important. I strive for this because I want to be a good friend and a loyal person.”
  • LINDSEY LANDRY: “I believe that loyalty is the best path to friendships, and friendships are one of the most important things in the world.”
  • NOIE MONROE: “Because my family has demonstrated what it means to be a hard worker, I want to be a hard worker as well.”
  • ANDREW NGUYEN: “I love to be kind to people because it can make people feel better and be glad.”
  • YVONNE NGUYEN: “I value the trait of leadership because my mom is a leader to my brother and me.”
  • BRIAN NORRIS: “Because I value being a leader, I strive to be one every day with every chance I get.”
  • DASHIELL PICKENHEIM: “I want to be loyal because I really value my friendships with people. My friends are very important to me.”
  • IRYN RICHARD: “Because I am caring, I’m going to be there when someone needs a friend.”
  • FRANCES RHODES: “I want to be understanding, trustworthy and funny. I believe these traits make people feel like you can be trusted.”
  • EDWARD SHANKS: “I want to be loyal because being loyal is a nice character trait. Being loyal is important because you can be a person to be trusted.”
  • JEMMA WOOD: “I want to be understanding because it will help me have better relationships with people. This will make for a more loyal friendship.”