Classroom Spotlight: Parkview Baptist School second grade _lowres

Photo provided by Jessica Province -- Ashley Bergeson’s second-grade class at Parkview Baptist School includes, front from left, Keaton Caldwell, Brianna Trosclair, Reid Baron, Ben Griffis, Myla Craft, Bailey Burns and Norah Frank; middle, Kaleigh Brocato, Bailey Spencer, Mallory Mayfield, Stella Pourciau, Ellie Carambat and Brenna Phillips; and back, Peyton Weinman, Bennett Lasseigne, Max Montgomery, Grant Gautreau, Landon Ripple, Bruce Morello and Bergeson. Not pictured is Alijah O’Bear.

The Southeast Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Ashley Bergeson’s second-grade class at Parkview Baptist School. The students were asked:

  • “What is your favorite holiday and why?”
  • REID BARON: “Christmas, because we get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.”
  • KALEIGH BROCATO: “April Fools’ Day, because you can make jokes and people will think they are real. And then you can tell them April Fools.”
  • BAILEY BURNS: “Christmas, because you get presents from Santa and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus.”
  • KEATON CALDWELL: “Halloween, because I get to go trick or treating and get lots of candy.”
  • ELLIE CARAMBAT: “Christmas, because you get to make your wish list and look at all of the fun things in the shops.”
  • MYLA CRAFT: “Christmas, because it is Jesus’ birthday and we get to celebrate his birth. We also get to go on trips, and this year I am going to New York.”
  • NORAH FRANK: “Christmas, because we get to celebrate God and at school we get to give gifts to people who don’t have many things.”
  • GRANT GAUTREAU: “Christmas, because you get lots of gifts, celebrate Jesus and take trips to my grandma’s house.”
  • BEN GRIFFIS: “Christmas, because I get a lot of presents.”
  • BENNETT LASSEIGNE: “Halloween, because we get to go trick or treating and I like to dress up.”
  • MALLORY MAYFIELD: “Thanksgiving, because we get to be with family and give thanks to God.”
  • MAX MONTGOMERY: “Christmas, because my birthday is right by it.”
  • BRUCE MORELLO: “April Fools’ Day, because that is my birthday and I get to trick a lot of people on that day.”
  • BRENNA PHILLIPS: “Easter, because it is celebrating when Jesus died on the cross for us.”
  • STELLA POURCIAU: “Christmas, because we have a big party for Jesus’ birthday.”
  • LANDON RIPPLE: “Halloween, because I like to dress up in costumes.”
  • BAILEY SPENCER: “Christmas, because you get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday and we take a trip to my cousin’s house in Mississippi.”
  • BRIANNA TROSCLAIR: “Christmas, because you get presents and you get to come together to celebrate Jesus’ birth.”
  • PEYTON WEINMAN: “My favorite holiday is Halloween because that is my birthday month.”