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Darryl Gissel, left, speaks after being announced as Chief Administrative Officer by Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, right, during a press conference Thursday in City Hall. Gissel, a local businessman, ran against Broome in the primary, but became a member of her transition team after Broome's election. Gissel will replace interim CAO James Llorens, center.

Advocate Staff Photo by PATRICK DENNIS

Correction: The Advocate on April 22 quoted Neftalie Danier, assistant director of alumni relations for Bernard M. Baruch College, as saying Troy Bell — at the time the newly named chief administrative officer for East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome — did not have a master of public administration degree from that school. Danier said Bell owed money and hadn't completed the necessary coursework. Asked for comment at the time, Bell said that while he had not requested the diploma, he had completed the coursework required for the degree. Bell recently provided The Advocate with a diploma dated 2012 showing he was granted the degree by Baruch. When asked Nov. 29 about the issue, Suzanne Bronski, director of public relations of Baruch College, said Bell did receive the degree, but refused to answer more questions. Bronski said that under federal law, "we are only permitted to release the degree held and the date of the degree awarded."

New Baton Rouge Chief Administrative Officer Darryl Gissel will be paid the equivalent of a $149,155 salary, according to documents released late Friday by the parish attorney's office.

Human resources paperwork indicate he will make about $72 per hour and qualify for a car allowance. 

Gissel's compensation is slightly higher than the offer extended to Troy Bell. Mayor Sharon Weston Broome offered him about $144,000 earlier this year, though he only lasted a few days before resigning after The Advocate reported he lied on his resume. Former mayor Kip Holden paid his top deputy about $140,000.

Broome's hiring of Gissel  drew some scrutiny because because it appeared to renege on a promise she made last year about not hiring people from leadership positions on her transition staff. Gissel co-chaired the transition team that evaluated the city-parish's Office of Community Development.

"No one, let me repeat, no one on the transition leadership will be considered for a job in the administration," Broome said in December.

In a Thursday press conference, she said she only intended that to mean the three people at the top of the transition team.

Broome had made arrangements with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and Baton Rouge Area Foundation to hire a search firm. However, a chamber spokeswoman said that Gissel was not hired through that process.

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