No last-minute reprieve was likely for lovers of Chelsea’s Cafe as the Baton Rouge institution readied for its final day in business Thursday, preparing for a New Year’s Eve celebration and then closing its doors for good.

Owner Dave Remmetter has acknowledged he’s entertained some offers but said Thursday morning nothing has come his way so far that he’s been willing to agree to.

He said the business that runs Chelsea’s is for sale, specifically Remmetter LLC, as are the furnishings and equipment at the restaurant. But he’s not selling the Chelsea’s name unless, he joked, someone “drove a truck full of money up to his door.”

“It’s not for sale,” he said, then added, “Well, really everything is for sale, but it’s not for sale.”

Remmetter posted a farewell message on the eatery’s Facebook page Wednesday afternoon to patrons of Chelsea’s, which he opened 28 years ago.

“Huge THANKS for the massive support. With business this good, we’ve been selling out of food daily — barely making it through lunch,” he said.

The restaurant and music venue at 2857 Perkins Road served only lunch Thursday and was closing the kitchen midafternoon. The bar, however, was staying open with the Michael Foster Project, which was set to take the stage at 10:30 p.m. for a final musical performance.