I want to know if and when BREC plans on fixing the pool at the Burbank Dog Park. It was the best feature of the park but it’s been closed for a long time now.

Cheryl Michelet, BREC’s director of communications, says the renovations are designed “to fix some chronic maintenance issues and add new amenities.

“Our maintenance crews are working to add a concrete drainage system where it gets muddy during rainy periods, a new pavilion to the small dog section, and a new agility course to the area in which the concrete pool is located right now. The concrete pool has been damaged beyond repair.

“In order to create a new water feature to help dogs beat the heat, our crews will fence off a portion of the pond and add a dock for easy access for the dogs.

“We will also add a zero entry feature to make it easy for older dogs to enjoy the water The pond will also be the home of the retriever training lake, which was originally located at the other end of the park so that it is closer for visitors to use.

"We are hoping to have the entire project complete in September – weather permitting.”

We think it’ll be doggone fun for our furry friends when it’s finished.

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