Son testifies in Baton Rouge man’s murder trial, says he never saw mother get shot, but father had a gun during fight _lowres

Timothy Basile

Timothy Bazile was sitting on a sofa in the living room of his Pamela Drive home with his head tilted back and a cocked, partially loaded revolver in his hand — his wife was dead on the floor behind him — when two Baton Rouge police entered the house on June 14, 2010, officers testified Tuesday.

Cpl. Kerry Cullen said Bazile would not drop the gun when twice ordered to do so, so Cpl. Joshua Kirst kicked the six-shot revolver from his hand.

Sgt. Mindy Stewart, a police crime scene investigator, testified that five spent shell casings were found on the living room floor. The black revolver, found on the same floor, had two live rounds in the cylinder, she said.

Bazile’s attorney, Jarvis Antwine, who did not give an opening statement to the jury in the second-degree murder trial, told Stewart that a witness reported hearing six shots and asked the investigator why a half-dozen shell casings were not retrieved.

Stewart explained that the witness could have been mistaken. She also said there may have been only five bullets in the gun initially and that Bazile might have reloaded the weapon.

Antwine suggested that a second gun was involved in the shooting, which police have described as a domestic dispute.

Bazile, 46, turned down an offer earlier this month to plead guilty to manslaughter in the death of 39-year-old Kendra Hilliard “Tricee” Bazile, who was shot twice, and attempted second-degree murder for allegedly shooting at his son, Montrelle.

Timothy Bazile would have received 50 years in prison.

If convicted of second-degree murder, Bazile will be sentenced to life behind bars. The trial will continue Wednesday in state District Judge Mike Erwin’s courtroom.

Antwine has said previously outside of court that Bazile and his son both were armed and that Bazile’s wife was shot while her husband was trying to defend himself.

Montrelle Bazile, now 27, testified Tuesday he did not see his mother get shot but said his father was the only one with a gun.

“I never fired a gun. I didn’t have a weapon in that house,” he said under intense questioning by Antwine.

Montrelle Bazile told prosecutor David deBlieux that he had nothing to gain financially or otherwise from testifying against his father.

“It’s just my mother’s going to get justice, that’s all,” he said.

DeBlieux told the jury earlier Tuesday in his opening statement that Bazile’s son heard his parents arguing loudly, so he went into the master bedroom where they were fighting and saw his father hit his mother. Then there was a gunshot, and Montrelle Bazile fled the house through a window in a front bedroom, deBlieux said, adding that Timothy Bazile was chasing his son with a gun and firing.

Stewart testified there was a bullet hole in the master bedroom door and one in a closet door outside that bedroom. There also was a bullet hole in the hallway outside the front bedroom, she said.

DeBlieux said the bullets taken from Kendra Bazile’s body matched the gun that her husband was holding when police arrived.