The first results from Central elections are starting to arrive in the mayor, city council and police chief races.

Jr. Shelton, 62, and Dave Freneaux, 54, are running for mayor of Central after Central Mayor Shelton “Mac” Watts decided not to seek re-election. Watts has been mayor since the city incorporated in 2005. Both candidates for mayor are Republican.

As of 8:15 p.m., Shelton had 426 votes and Freneaux had 243, with only the early votes counted.

In the police chief race, Kerry Clark had 281 votes and James Salsbury had 389, with only the early votes counted.

In the City Council race, 11 candidates are running to fill five council positions.

The candidates had the following votes with just the early votes counted:

  • Kim Fralick 426
  • Wayne Messina 375
  • Shane Evans 356
  • Ralph Washington 354
  • John Vance 353
  • Jason Ellis 283
  • June T. Dupuy 236
  • Aaron Moak 233
  • Mike Gardner 232
  • Harry Rauls 227
  • Eric Frank 188

All the candidates are Republican and a runoff will be held May 3 if needed.