A proposal to rezone land on Government Street to make way for a new beer garden will voted on tonight by the Baton Rouge Planning Commission.

The proposed bar is being pitched by the owners of the popular Radio Bar, also located on Government Street, which has been a welcomed addition to the neighborhood by residents of Ogden Park and Mid-City.

The land, at the corner of Government Street and Steele Boulevard, is currently vacant. It’s zoned light commercial today, and will need to be rezoned to “Commercial Alcoholic Beverage two” in order to be consistent with the uses of a bar, under city-parish zoning laws. The meeting tonight starts at 5 p.m. and is in City Hall.

The proposed bar has received mostly positive feedback from residents in the surrounding areas — except for those who live on Steele Boulevard. Some of those residents who will be direct neighbors to the bar have expressed concern about cars parked down their street, noise and safety concerns.

Bar owners have said they will be mindful of noise concerns, and are planning a variety of barriers and buffers, including natural vegetation, a wood fence and masonry wall.

The Baton Rouge Metro Council will have final approval on the rezoning of the property next month.


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