Kudos to Karen Peterson for pointing out (once again) that “the Emperor has no clothes.” Whether its ethical violations of his own “reforms;” moral and fiscal irresponsibility in not accepting Medicaid money, forcing him to reallocate funds from other programs; or wasting our time and tax money running around the country on his Don Quixote quest for higher office, Jindal continues to demonstrate how his short-sighted cost cutting adversely impacts the citizens of Louisiana. His cuts to education and health care programs have long-term, negative consequences that will continue to impact the people of Louisiana long after he has moved on to whatever delusional goal he has. Jindal reached his plateau on the Peter Principle when he was secretary of Health and Human Resources, and it has been the same sad story in every position he’s held since then.

Apparently, he is the only one who has yet to recognize it.

Steven Lindsley

social worker

New Orleans