Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards told Vice President Mike Pence in a letter hand-delivered during Pence's visit Wednesday that President Trump's proposed budget and health care reform legislation would "set Louisiana back decades."

Specifically, Edwards referenced topics surrounding Medicaid expansion and the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006.

"...the changes to the Medicaid program, as proposed in both the President's budget and the American Health Care Act, would be nothing less than devastating to the people of Louisiana," Edwards wrote.

Regarding GOMESA, the Mary Landrieu-quarterbacked measure to secure a portion of deepwater drilling royalties for badly needed coastal restoration, the governor said he implores the Trump administration to reconsider the elimination of the state payment under that program.

"This proposal sets us back decades, threatens our way of life and could have devastating economic effects across the country," Edwards said. "To put it simply, this budget proposal is negligent."

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