This editorial, with some variations, has appeared here in previous Easter seasons.

Easter has a way of arriving each year at just about the time the world really needs it. Today’s holiday is the holiest day of the Christian church, but Easter’s message of renewal also resonates with many people of other faiths and with others who claim no faith tradition.

The promise of new beginnings at the heart of New Year’s Day celebrations is a distant memory by now. We all need some hope at this time of year, some new sense of possibility. Easter answers this need, a need as old as time itself.

The world has seemed a little tired lately. Congress is in a political deadlock, the economy is still fragile, and conflicts abroad remind us that humanity is still a work in progress. Since last Easter, we’ve had mass shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., and a grade school in Newtown, Conn. This month, a baby was shot to death while sitting in his stroller. Such incidents tell us how much our world needs healing.

Spring, and the spring holiday of Easter, are particularly welcome reliefs from the headlines today.

The Easter story, a narrative of life that rises from the shadow of crucifixion, speaks of the power of hope and nobility as an answer to humanity’s darkest and most-violent impulses. In an age still touched by too much bloodshed, whether that blood is spilled in local neighborhoods or far-off battlefields, we embrace Easter’s vision of peace.

Today, we pray for peace at home and abroad, and for all people, Christians and non-Christians alike.

Today, we remember in a special way all the men and women serving in the military who cannot be with their families for Easter. We hope and pray for the day when they can be back home, safe and sound.

And on this Easter Day, we also remember those who have died since last Easter in the service of their country. We know that this day won’t be the same for the friends and loved ones they’ve left behind. We hope that some measure of this holiday’s peace will comfort them.

We wish our readers a safe and happy Easter. The holiday’s promise of renewal is something we seem to need now more than ever.