That old yearbook collecting dust on your shelves might be good for more than reminiscing about when your high school crush scribbled “have a great summer” in it.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library System is collecting yearbooks from East Baton Rouge Parish schools to add to its archives.

The library is looking for yearbooks from Baton Rouge schools that are both still in existence and now closed. It currently has yearbooks from universities and Baton Rouge public, private and Catholic schools.

Many are in the process of being digitized, and new yearbooks are being added to the online Baton Rouge School Yearbook Collection every week. Anyone looking to stroll down memory lane and check out the yearbooks online can see them here.

The archives are also available to view in-person in the Baton Rouge Room on the second floor of the Main Library on Goodwood

Those who would like to donate in this year’s library yearbook drive should contact Baton Rouge Room Archivist Melissa Eastin at (225) 231-3752.