For most people who own a turntable and a record collection, the third Saturday in April — also known as Record Store Day — is already marked on the calendar.

For the rest of the world, it’s an event worth checking out, even if you prefer your music in digital form, said Tess Brunet, who co-owns Lagniappe Records in Beauregard Town along with Patrick Hodgkins.

Record Store Day, April 18, is a celebration of independently owned record shops everywhere, including nearly 1,400 in the United States, and thousands more like it across the world, on every continent but Antarctica, according to the Record Store Day website.

Lagniappe, along with Kerry Beary’s Atomic Pop Shop and Capital City Records, owned by Dana Labat, will be offering the standard RSD treats — music releases available either only in independent stores on RSD, or first on Record Store Day.

They include exclusive RSD releases — available nowhere else in the same format; limited-run or regional releases — available either only locally or in quantities of 1,000 or fewer; and RSD-First Releases — patrons at local shops on RSD will get the first crack at listening to a new release from some artists.

And there’s always a little more, personalized to each shop.

Limited-edition T-shirts also will be offered at some shops, as will raffles for other goodies, including turntables.

“We’re going to run it like an old deli,” Beary said.

“Everybody gets a number, and then we call No. 1, and then No. 2, and then No. 3,” she said, adding that everyone who lines up between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., when the Atomic Pop Shop opens, will be entered into a drawing for a turntable.

Capital City Records will be offering a turntable for raffle, also, and the usual RSD fare of new releases.

“We carry new and used vinyl records, as well as turntables and record supplies. We also have used CDs, tapes, posters, vintage band T-shirts and lots more,” Labat said of CCR. “With a supply of 20,000 LPs to stock the store, we have one of the largest selections in the area and perhaps one of the biggest collections of NOS (new old stock) records in the country. We have literally thousands of vintage “still sealed” records that have never been opened. It’s a collector’s dream.”

All of the RSD stores in Baton Rouge have raffles and giveaways planned throughout the day, which will include T-shirts, gift certificates, records and other goodies. Food trucks, live music and DJs also will be performing.

While they expect their loyal vinyl collectors there, Brunet said, it’s also their hope to bring in new customers and introduce them to the record store experience.

Your local, independent record store is one of the few places where perfect strangers will bond instantly over a great song, she said.

“I see it all the time. People who have never met before hearing a song they love for the first time, and geeking out about music,” Brunet said Sunday, between questions from patrons flipping through bins of albums. “You can’t really do that anywhere else.”

That’s the magic of records, and record shops, to Brunet, whose shop has about as many social media fans as Agnes the cockatiel, who rides on Brunet’s shoulder around the store, but not while she’s putting a record on the turntable.

For information about Record Store Day, along with a list of RSD releases, visit

For information about specific offerings for RSD in Baton Rouge, visit these websites before Saturday:, or atomicpop