Legislators agreed without objection Friday to allow State Treasurer John Kennedy to buy a new car.

First Assistant State Treasurer Ron Henson told the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget that Kennedy's state-purchased Yukon has more than 300,000 miles on it.

"We've gotten good mileage. We've gotten great service," he said while Kennedy sat silently beside him.

Henson said the state now is spending more on repairs than the 2003 GMC Yukon is worth.

He said the vehicle also is experiencing electrical problems.

Statewide elected officials are required by law to get the budget panel's approval before spending taxpayer dollars on large or luxury vehicles.

The requirement was adopted after former Insurance Commissioner Robert Wooley's purchased two luxury vehicles within two years.

Kennedy has not yet decided what he will buy, although he said his preference is another Yukon. He gave a rough estimate that he is likely to spend $25,000.

State Rep. Jim Fannin, D-Jonesboro, joked that Kennedy should try to put another 100,000 miles on his current Yukon before getting another one.

"Try to get (400,000) out of the next one," Fannin told Kennedy.

Later in the meeting, state Sen. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, asked officials with the newly christened Mercedes-Benz Superdome if they could help out Kennedy. "Maybe y'all can get a used Mercedes for him," Thompson said.