The attorney for suspended LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson has asked a judge to determine whether there is probable cause to charge his client in a fight outside a bar on Aug. 19.

Attorney Lewis Unglesby said Friday he filed the motion in state district court to expedite the legal process and clear Jefferson of a second-degree battery count he is facing from his alleged role in a brawl outside Shady’s bar on 623 E. Boyd Drive.

“Jordan deserves to have this cloud lifted immediately,” Unglesby said. “He didn’t do it. It’s obvious from all the witnesses that he didn’t do it.”

No hearing has been set.

The fight sent four men to the hospital with injuries such as a broken upper jaw bone and cracked vertebrate, the attorney of the four men, Michael P. Bienvenu, has said.

Bienvenu declined comment Friday.

Jefferson and sophomore linebacker Josh Johns, both 21, were suspended indefinitely from the LSU football team after bonding out of East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on Aug. 26 on second-degree battery counts.

The motion for the hearing, which Unglesby provided to The Advocate, says the case has “fundamental sets of serious factual and legal errors” and that the claims against Jefferson are “wrong.”

The motion says several fights occurred that night, all of which were started by either the driver of a black pickup truck trying to drive through a crowd, or Andrew Lowery, 21, the only named injured person in the fight.

Someone in the truck, either the driver or passengers, began shouting racial slurs at a crowd gathered in front of the bar, the motion says.

The driver then got out of his truck to confront people in the crowd, which led to a fight with some people, none of whom are LSU football players, the motion says.

Lowery entered the fray and was eventually hurt, the motion says. It does not say how Lowery became involved.

Before that, Lowery began a fight with an unnamed LSU football player as he left Shady’s after hitting a friend of his ex-girlfriend in the bar that night, the motion says.

The motion also says Unglesby’s office has interviewed several LSU football players about the altercation, all of whom say no players were involved in the fight with the person in the truck.

None of the players’ names are mentioned in the motion.

The motion says 25 people have spoken to Baton Rouge Police and the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s Office and all have said Jefferson did not kick anyone that night.

It also says police have “provided no evidence … as to why these 25 witnesses have been ignored or disregarded.”

“They took the word of a couple of people who are inaccurate at best and then filed the charges,” Unglesby said.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Dewayne White said that detectives on Friday interviewed their last witness to the fight.

White said detectives will forward their investigation to the East Baton Rogue Parish District Attorney’s Office “in the coming days.”

White said at a news conference after Jefferson and Johns’ arrest on Aug. 26 that the District Attorney’s Office would receive the file “in several days.”

In the Police Department’s incident report about the fight, Lowery told officers Jefferson and Johns were among a group of people who attacked him.

Lowery told officers he got involved in the brawl near the truck after seeing several football players pull a man out of the truck pickup, the report says.

That’s when Lowery said he intervened and managed to pull the man from the crowd and back into the truck, the report says.

The players — including Jefferson and Johns — then turned on Lowery, kicking and punching him several times before getting into a silver vehicle and leaving the scene, the report says.

Police took 49 pairs of shoes from Jefferson and five pairs from Johns, as well as DNA swabs, in searches of the two players’ homes.

Police returned 33 pairs of shoes to Jefferson on Monday, his other attorney, Robert Marionneaux Jr., has said. Police released the shoes after Jefferson’s attorneys filed a motion to have them returned.

A hearing about the motion was held Monday in state District Judge Chip Moore’s courtroom. Moore rescheduled the matter until Sept. 26, saying police needed more time to investigate.

Jefferson and Johns have both denied involvement in the fight, according to affidavits for search warrants of both player’s homes.

Four players — Jefferson, Johns, freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry and sophomore offensive lineman Chris Davenport — went to State Police headquarters on Aug. 23 to speak to Baton Rouge Police about the incident.

Only Jefferson and Johns have been arrested in the case.

Advocate staff writer Kimberly Vetter contributed to this report.