A student’s tweet Thursday morning about a possible “noose” hanging from a tree on LSU’s campus quickly spread through social media, but the “noose” turned out to be a lightning protection cable, LSU officials said.

The alarm was first sounded when a student tweeted a photo of what appeared to be a noose.

“There is a noose hanging from a tree at LSU by Coates,” the student wrote in all caps at 10:43 a.m. “I shouldn’t have to see this walking to class. Wow.”

The tweet was removed from social media shortly after.

Ernie Ballard, director of media relations at LSU, said his office sent out a letter to campus following the scare.

“Earlier today, LSU was notified of the potential that an extremely offensive symbol had been found on campus,” the letter says. “Though this proved not to be the case, we want to emphasize that racial intolerance will never be permitted on our campus. We are committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment to all students, faculty and staff at our university and to the community beyond our gates.”

The letter continues by saying that had the offensive symbol been legitimate, a full investigation would have been done.