A School Board member and the superintendent of Kenilworth Science and Technology School have collaborated on a nationally released book that shows teachers how to make STEM studies more meaningful and relevant for their students, a news release said.

The book, “A Practice-based Model of STEM Teaching, “ promotes the STEM Students on Stage model that emphasizes a hands-on approach for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Kenilworth board member Eugene Kennedy, an LSU education professor, and Kenilworth Superintendent Tevfik Eski contributed a chapter on outreach, much of which was based on their experiences at Kenilworth, the release said.

“The Students on Stage model utilizes project-based learning, multimedia methods and giving the student the opportunity to become an expert on a narrow subject in which he or she has shown interest,” Kennedy said. “The whole idea is to get students more engaged. It is harder to do that in the traditional lecture model.”

Eski said he first encountered the Students on Stage model when he was a classroom teacher. Students respond better and learn more when they are actively involved in the discovery process, he said.

“There is ample research to suggest that students have better comprehension in a participatory environment,” Eski said.

Kennedy and Eski were asked by the editor, Alpaslan Sahin, of Harmony schools in Texas, to write a chapter about outreach because of the success Kenilworth has shown in promoting STEM education throughout Louisiana, the release said.

Kenilworth is the founder and host of the Louisiana STEM Expo and the Louisiana Elementary Math Olympiad, two statewide events open to public, private and home-schooled students in the state.

“We call it the ‘Share and Shine’ component,” Kennedy said. “It is important to spotlight these students who are seeking academic success, and we’re proud that Kenilworth has helped lead the STEM movement through our events and our collaboration with industries, government and other schools.”

“A Practice-based Model of STEM Teaching” is available on www.amazon.com.