Alpha Mu of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, an organization for women teachers, held its monthly meeting Sept. 20 at the home of Candy Metz in Jackson.

The group toured Jackson, bringing awareness to literacy, with participating teachers obtaining sponsors to earn funds for the walk. Funds raised will go toward buying every kindergartner in East and West Feliciana a book for Christmas.

After the teachers’ 1-mile trek through Jackson, they returned to Metz’s home for a talk by Sharion Scott of LaPlace.

Scott, a Teach for America educator, previously taught at Jackson Elementary School for two years.

Following JES, Scott became involved in mission work by joining World Race, which hosts mission trips under the parent organization, Adventures in Missions, or AIM.

Scott’s mission work took her to Cambodia, China, Japan, Kosovo, Malaysia, Romania, South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand and Ukraine with brief stops in several other countries.

“I learned a lot from my service work with others and interactions with the people in each country,” Scott said. “God challenged me in the areas of compassion, selflessness and my approach to helping people. He also opened my eyes to the deepest needs of others.”

AIM visited 11 countries in 11 months with teachers forming groups of 50 called a squad. Squads then divided into smaller groups of six or seven teachers on a team.

Squads traveled to each new country together, dividing up and visiting the various ministries within the cities of each country.

Scott said the ministries are partners of AIM and work on various projects with the teams assisting.

Scott’s mission work included teaching English, leading Vacation Bible School and Bible studies, helping at a Christian pre-school, planting a garden, painting, visiting nursing homes and orphanages, participating in street evangelism, running youth camps, mentoring youth, leading worship services and sharing her stories and personal testimonies.

Following her mission work abroad, she says she was inspired to apply to programs offering joint degrees such as a law degree and a master’s of social work.

“I see this as my greatest opportunity to change the world one person at a time. This was definitely a life-changing experience for me that also proved to be the adventure of a lifetime.”