The NBC Nightly News featured the charity work of a Baton Rouge man who donates custom-made bicycles and tricycles to families with special needs children.

Bicycles and tricycles for special needs children have adaptations like foot straps, torso supports and adjustable parts. They cost from $800 to $5,000, said Andrew McLindon, 53, founder of the foundation.

Over seven years, the McLindon Family Foundation has given away adaptive tricycles to children in nine states, helping them feel the independence and freedom of riding a bike.

McLindon’s love of bicycles led him to give away adaptive bikes. After success with the commercial construction company he started in 1989, he added auxiliary businesses that became Mainspring Companies, a group of construction, maintenance and real estate development enterprises.

He hoped to find a project to help the community, and dreamed his charity work could be successful enough to outlive him.

Video from NBC Nightly News.