Debra Rodgers may have moved her son into a dormitory at Southern University, away from home in New Orleans, but she was still doing his laundry on Sunday.

Rodgers’ son, Darren, 18, now resides in Ulysses S. Jones Hall, in the northwest part of campus. He will be a freshman in the school’s nursing program and a baritone horn player in Southern’s marching band after graduating from St. Augustine High School.

But Debra Rodgers was on campus Sunday to help her son finish moving, as well switch his clothes between washing machines and dryers on Jones Hall’s second floor.

“I’ve only been here maybe an hour (today), and I’ve been quite busy,” she said.

The Rodgers were part of a small group of families and students at Southern and LSU finishing their dorm move-ins on Sunday, the day before classes start at both universities.

Southern’s campus was relatively quiet. Students began moving in a week ago.

Donald Young, 20, and Daonte Beamon, 18, also finished moving into Jones Hall on Sunday.

Young and Beamon share a room in a second-floor suite. Their room was already decked out with bed sheets and a TV before Sunday, when they were only bringing clothes.

The two are scheduled to start classes at 8 a.m. Monday — although Beamon said he may not make it to his first day of courses.

“I still have to go to financial aid,” Beamon said.

Southern has an enrollment of more than 7,300 students while LSU has an enrollment of about 29,000 at last count.

LSU’s campus was a bit more active Sunday. The students, who began moving in Thursday, were trying to put the finishing touches on their rooms.

Hannah Lomzenski, 19, of Bogalusa, brought groceries into her West Laville Hall dorm on South Campus Drive. Her mother, Ellie Lomzenski, helped her with her supplies.

Hannah Lomzenski and her roommate, 19-year-old Kristen Rafalowski, had already decorated their room Thursday.

Lomzenski, a sophomore biology and psychology major, is familiar with West Laville Hall — she lived there last year as a freshman.

“We knew what to do. She knew what to expect,” Ellie Lomzenski said.

Rafalowski, a petroleum engineering sophomore, lived in Miller Hall on Campus Lake Road last year.

“(West Laville) is like a hotel compared to that,” Rafalowski said of Miller Hall.

Sasha Armelin and Lori Villavaso, like the Lomzenskis, only moved groceries into their Herget Hall dorm on Sunday.

Armelin and Villavaso, both 18-year-old freshmen, live on Herget Hall’s second floor. Herget Hall faces Campus Lake, which is next to the intersection of West Lakeshore Drive and Stadium Drive.

Armelin and Villavaso, kinesiology and accounting majors, chose to elevate the beds in their room so they can put chairs underneath them.

Armelin said she and Villavaso are happy with their living arrangements.

“It’s a little small, but it’s OK,” Armelin said.