Marty Hughes

School Board, District C

Marty Hughes, 37, no party, said he is running for the Zachary Community School Board’s District 3 seat on a four-point platform “dedicated to leading children’s development into the future.”

Hughes, a lifelong resident of Zachary, said he has witnessed the community’s tremendous growth and feels very optimistic about its future.

In a written announcement, Hughes said he is focusing on four key points if elected:

“Continued pursuit of excellence”

“Ensuring the safety of students and staff”

“Ensuring fiscal responsibility and accountability within the school system”

“Building strong school and community partnerships”

Hughes has two children in Zachary schools: Callie, a kindergartner, and Reese, a fifth-grader.

He and his wife, Alyson, are both 1995 graduates of Zachary High School. They both received their bachelor’s degrees at Northwestern State University in 2000.

“We decided to settle here in Zachary to make our home and raise our family in a community we’re proud of and that we both know,” Hughes said.

“Faith, family and community are what I stand for. Let’s move forward together. I firmly believe our children can be successful if we dedicate our efforts to ensure what is best for them now and in the future,” Hughes said.

The election for seats on the Zachary Community School Board will be held Nov. 4.

Incumbent Sharon Samuel, a Republican, is running for re-election in District 3.