The city-parish closed the Wax Road bridge over Draughan Creek on Wednesday after state inspectors deemed the bridge unsafe for drivers.

The closure marks the second bridge closure in the parish this year. Last month, state inspectors also ordered East Baton Rouge Parish officials to close the North Flannery bridge over Lively Bayou.

There are at least four other bridges still closed because inspections deemed them unsafe in previous years.

This year inspectors also advised the city-parish to put weight limits on at least six bridges because of structural deficiencies found in them.

Jim Ferguson, chief engineer for the Department of Public Works, said the Wax Road bridge, which is about 70-feet long, is repairable and the closure should be temporary.

The North Flannery bridge, Ferguson has said, can be repaired.

Some bridges are deemed irreparable and must be replaced.

In 2010, state inspectors ordered the closure of five bridges, three of which were repaired and reopened.

In 2009, eight bridges were closed, six of which were repaired and reopened.

The four bridges still closed are: Prescott Road, Blue Grass, East Chimes Street, and the Gibbons bridge at the Baton Rouge Zoo. These bridges have to be replaced, Ferguson said in July.

Mayor-President Kip Holden included plans to replace 78 parish bridges in his $748 million tax and bond package. He said the bridges are at the end of their life cycles and pose a public safety threat.

The council voted against sending the tax package to voters last month.

The Wax Road bridge was not included on the list of bridges to be replaced.

Ferguson said the bridge had previously been rated above fair condition, but because it has a timber substructure, it is prone to rapid degradation.

East Baton Rouge Parish has more than 300 bridges, 200 of which have timber substructures components.