James Eagan Holmes was found guilty on all 12 counts of first-degree murder Thursday in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting from 2012.

One of Holmes’s victims was Bonnie Kate Pourciau Zoghbi, 21, who testified in June, telling jurors she thought she was going to die in the movie theater after being shot in the leg.

The Baton Rouge illustrator and stylist was 18 at the time of the massacre and had decided on a whim to take in the premier of “The Dark Knight Rises” with a friend as the two traveled across the country on a road trip.

The night has forever altered her life.

Zoghbi’s knee was “blown to bits,” she told jurors.

She’s had seven surgeries, including operations to put a plate in her leg and repair her shredded blood vessels. They’ve left a “Frankenstein-looking scar,” Zoghbi said.

She’ll need more surgeries, and at least one knee replacement in the future. Her husband has said she still suffers from chronic pain and exhaustion.

“My life was totally changed in that theater room,” she told The Advocate in 2013.