Baton Metropolitan Rouge airport officials said they are unsure why President Barack Obama did not fly in his usual Boeing 747 on his visit to Baton Rouge, but that it’s unrelated to the size of their runway.

Obama flew in and out of Baton Rouge on a modified Boeing 757, or C-32, which is smaller than his usual plane. Whichever plane the president is flying on is dubbed “Air Force One,” but the plane he flew to Baton Rouge is sometimes nicknamed “Air Force Two.”

At least one news outlet speculated that his change of planes could be related to the small size of the Baton Rouge airport. Obama flew into Omaha, Nebraska on his usual 747 and left there for Baton Rouge on the smaller plane.

But the larger Air Force One 747 has touched down at the Baton Rouge airport multiple times, carrying different presidents inside of it.

Marino recalled both former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton flying in the larger plane to the Baton Rouge airport. Despite runway upgrades since past presidential visits, Marino said the runway lengths have not changed.

The airport also fielded multiple questions about the change in planes on its Facebook page.

“Maybe they just wanted to switch it up,” airport officials joked about the reasoning behind the smaller plane.


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