In a small brick house with dark green shutters and a neatly kept yard in a wooded, rural community in East Felciana Parish, a husband and wife were found dead Sunday.

But by Monday, with some neighbors getting nervous that a killer may be roaming the area, detectives released only little information about the deaths.

At 4 p.m. Sunday, deputies found the bodies of Eddie Hall, 53, and his wife, Connie Hall, 51, inside their home at 4077 Lillian Lane, a gravel road that branches off W.T. Hall Road in Ethel.

Sgt. Kevin Garig, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, said he could not comment on whether it was a double homicide or murder-suicide and he could not discuss how the couple died, whether they were killed by a stranger or someone they knew or even where the bodies were found inside the home.

“Right now, we’re just following up leads,” Garig said.

Garig said they did not have a motive in the case; however, Detective Don McKey said earlier Monday they had a possible motive in the slayings but he could not divulge what that motive was.

Family members who arrived at the house Monday afternoon declined to comment.

A state trooper sat outside the home Monday afternoon, keeping people away from the brick house that still featured yellow crime scene tape. An East Feliciana Parish sheriff’s deputy relieved the trooper at 4 p.m.

The couple live in an area where houses are surrounded by trees and fields and neighbors homes are sprinkled around in the distance. The house sits about a football field from a gravel road, behind a lake and some fields that appear to be used for farming.

One neighborhood couple, who asked not to be identified because of fears about their safety, said the killings shocked the small neighborhood.

They said the Halls were quiet, nice, kept to themselves and lived in the home for about 15 years.

They said Eddie Hall was a painter who did good work from what they heard, while they think Connie Hall cleaned houses but were not sure.

Two pickup trucks with painting equipment in their beds sat in the driveway next to a small mound of paint cans underneath the carport, and farming equipment was scattered throughout the backyard.

Eddie Hall also had a successful vegetable garden by the house and would offer neighbors corn, okra, tomatoes or any other vegetables when he had a surplus, they said.

The Sheriff’s Office called State Police to assist in the investigation, said Capt. Doug Cain, a State Police spokesman. Homicide detectives went to the home Sunday afternoon, and crime scene technicians arrived Monday.

Cain said it is not uncommon for small or rural police departments and sheriff’s offices to call State Police for assistance.