Former queens of the Mystic Club gathered for luncheon at Marti’s restaurant in the Vieux Carre. They were Mmes. Morrell F. Trimble, W. Waller Young Jr., George R. Montgomery, Louis M. Freeman, John G. Weinmann, Richard L. Simmons, R. King Milling (Anne), John D. Charbonnet, Sue Peters, William B. Conway, Michael J. Rapier, Howard A. Nelson, George G. Villere, Louis L. Frierson, Walter C. Flower III, Paul M. Haygood, A. Peyton Bush, Nathaniel P. Phillips Jr., David P. Milling (Susan), William F. Grace Jr., Chesley Hines Jr. (Phyllis), L. Richards McMillan II, Richard L. Strub, William R. Forrester, Charles B. Mayer, Philip Woollam, John P. Laborde, Edgar A.G. Bright III, Thomas D. Westfeldt II, William H. Hines (Mary), John M. Eastman, and Kenneth H. Beer. Margaret Beer reigned in 2014.

The hostesses were Mmes. Bright, Charbonnet, Rapier, Simmons and Westfeldt.

Menu choices for the first course were blue crab salad or roasted oysters. A choice of three main courses were followed by two choices for dessert: dark chocolate pot de crème and cheesecake. Centering the tables were floral arrangements by Steve Baker at Ambrose Garden.