QUESTION: The new Millerville Road entrance ramp to Interstate 12 West that’s under construction causes daily congestion and not a few accidents. Work on the ramp seems to have stopped for the last several weeks. What is the delay in completing the work and removing the barricades?

ANSWER: The ramp is being built as part of The Greens at Millerville mixed-use development, which is expected to include an apartment complex, fitness center, auto dealership and other retail space, on the old Fairwood Country Club site.

Anastasia Semien, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation and Development, tells us: “The current work at the Millerville/I-12 interchange is a privately funded project, governed by state and federal specifications, associated with the proposed development. Complications with major utility crossings have caused delays in the recent work progress near I-12. Related work along Millerville Road is ongoing. The travel lanes of I-12 should be restriped to the original configuration this fall.”

Lee Drive snaggle

QUESTION: When can we expect Lee Drive from Perkins Road to Highland Road to be widened? This is a major north/south artery that goes from four lanes to two lanes for about 2 miles. In that stretch there are 12 cross streets with no turn lanes on Lee, creating huge backups. In addition, the new Lee High School will open soon, adding even more traffic to what is already there.

ANSWER: You may not like this answer: K. Stephen Bonnette, director of the city-parish Department of Transportation and Drainage, says, “Although we certainly agree there is a need, presently there are no plans for widening this segment of Lee Drive.”

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