With summer here, there are numerous ball tournaments at the area fields. We were attending one at Oak Villa and were amazed at the number of plastic water bottles and Gatorade bottles thrown in the garbage. Would it be possible to have special cans available marked for these to be recycled? We have attended tournaments in other towns and they have them.

Susan Hamilton, director of the East Baton Rouge Recycling Office, responds in an email:

“Oak Villa is a BREC park, and therefore the responsibility for recycling falls under BREC, not with the city-parish. According to (BREC Superintendent) Bill Palmer, BREC is currently working with The Recycling Foundation, a local recycling contractor, to explore opportunities where recycling may be implemented in some of the BREC parks. In the past, oneproblem has been that the containers used to collect recyclables get contaminated with food waste and other garbage, making recycling impossible. BREC and The Recycling Foundation are exploring the possibility of using special containers that would prevent disposal of contaminants.

“BREC is also experimenting with using volunteers to help to collect recyclables at sports events.? In June 2010, the U.S. Youth Soccer Region III Championship was held at BREC’s Burbank Soccer Complex. BREC, Boy Scout Troop 12, the Recycling Foundation and the Baton Rouge Soccer Association worked together to recycle 1.6 tons of plastic, cardboard and aluminum during the tournament. The Foundation provided 72 green recycle bins that were placed adjacent to fields, concessions, parking lots and restrooms and a 30- yard collection container that they delivered and picked up. The Baton Rouge Soccer Association provided a golf cart that was required to empty and move the collection bins to where the action was during the tournament. BREC and Boy Scout Troop 12 provided the manpower to collect the recyclables from the containers and place them in the large container.”

Overpass repairs

Are we taxpayers picking up the tab for the repairs to the La. 941 overpass at Interstate 10 in Ascension Parish? It seems as though the damage?was caused by contact, such as an over-height load,? and I was wondering if the culprit was caught and is paying for the repairs or are we?

Dustin Annison, a spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, responds in an email:

“Work on the La. 941 overpass repair project included patching the three interior bridge girders with epoxy, replacing the two outside girders and replacing a portion of the bridge’s deck and barrier rail. The project was done to repair damage caused by an oversized load hitting the overpass. DOTD will be reimbursed for the $457,000 project by the oversized vehicle’s insurance company.”