The Krewe of Cleopatra presented their 42nd annual Rendezvous bal masque for their members and special guests Saturday evening in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

This ladies revisited Cleopatra’s “Nightmare on the Avenue.”

In symbolic representation, the Jewels of the Nile allowed the members and guests to re-enact her majesty’s frightful tribulations.

As the tableau began, the captain made her entrance in traditional Carnival style.

The sovereign of the court and radiant ruler of the Nile was Ms. Suzanne Dupré Arceneaux, Cleopatra XLII. Her royal majesty wore an gown of cream silk encrusted with an overlay of gold beaded lace and Austrian crystal appliqués. Her traditional Egyptian belt was made of gold lamé and also adorned with Austrian crystals. Her traditional double collar was fashioned with jeweled ostrich plumes. The ensemble was completed with the traditional rhinestone-encrusted Egyptian crown, crook and scepter.

Her majesty’s frightful visions were unlocked and brought to fruition by her beautiful Jewels of Nile. Ms. Meredith C. Core left the attendees spellbound as she represented a bewitching enchantress. An alluring sorceress was personified by Ms. Leslie B. Hart. Ms. Colleen M. Landry depicted the frightful Medusa. Ms. Sarah A. Constant captured her prey as she portrayed the enticing spider.

The royal court was presented in a final grand march led by the captain.

Krewe members and guests were then invited to greet her majesty and jewels.

At the conclusion of the tableau, members of the krewe and their guest enjoyed an evening of dining and dancing to the music of Bag of Donuts.