Mayor Kip Holden says time for reconciliation with St. George advocates; St. George still not conceding defeat _lowres

Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG -- Lorraine Beaman gives a thumbs up to honking passerby while drawing attention as St. George organizers collect petition signatures on Jones Creek Road.

A new letter circulating from the proposed city’s organizers accuses anti-St. George groups Better Together and Residents Against the Breakaway of sending canvassers from door-to-door and claiming that the proposed city of St. George could cause taxes to increase or create a “doomsday” scenario for the parish.

Better Together leaders have denied the accusations, calling them “totally unfounded and ridiculous.”

St. George advocates submitted 4,600 more signatures to the Registrar of Voters at the end of May in hopes of reaching the goal of having 25 percent of voters in their boundaries asking for an election to create the city. The same day, Better Together submitted more than 800 withdrawal slips from those who once signed the petition and are now asking to remove their names.

While no more names can be added to the petition to create St. George, people who once signed the petition can continue to ask the Registrar to delete their names from it. St. George organizers claim that the opposition will stop at nothing to prevent an election from happening.

“We have reports that say they are telling seniors they will lose their social security or that children will be made to go to school in tents,” the letter reads. “…If you see them in your neighborhood, please notify us via social media or by calling 225-366-7764 or emailing”

St. George will need 17,859 signatures to make ballots in the fall. After the petition was verified for the first time by the registrar, St. George needed to close a gap of 2,694 signatures.

Despite the 4,600 additional signatures St. George proponents have submitted, the withdrawals could make all the difference in whether residents get to vote on the possibility of the new city.

“Every single day, we are getting more and more withdrawals,” said Better Together leader M.E. Cormier. “They’re mailing them in; we’re canvassing every day and still getting more.”