Tiger band videographer’s latest puts LSU fans in the spotlight; did you make the final cut? _lowres

Advocate photo -- Fans enjoy the LSU's game with with Florida on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015, in Tiger Stadium. LSU won 35-28.

The LSU Tiger Marching Band’s videographer, Moe Athmann, pays tribute to the Tigers’ fans this week in his video, “LSU Tiger Band & Fans: Simply the Best!”

Athmann’s video was taken last Saturday during LSU’s nail-biting 35-28 victory over the University of Florida in Tiger Stadium. Fans were fired up throughout the game, and the band kept the spirit streaming throughout the stadium.

Athmann captured Tiger fans’ devotion and support in this clip set to a soundtrack of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” His camera passes a lot of faces -- watch closely. You may be one of them.