Former East Baton Rouge Parish Public Works Director David Guillory said he’s recently been approached about running for mayor-president next year and hasn’t ruled out the idea.

“Since I was in Public Works, I never really left,” said Guillory, who resigned from the city-parish in May 2014. “I care about what happens here. We’ve been on a good track, but there’s still a lot to do, and we need to make sure whoever is mayor keeps Baton Rouge on a forward-thinking track.”

Guillory is a 38-year-old Democrat. He spent more than a decade with the Department of Public Works, eventually being promoted as the youngest and first black director of what is one of the largest departments in the city-parish.

As DPW director, Guillory oversaw everything from blight elimination to road improvements to the massive $1.6 billion sewer system overhaul.

He left to take a job in the private sector with Baton Rouge-based Compliance Envirosystems, which goes by CES, a company that specializing in sewer evaluation.

In a phone interview, Guillory said Friday that he’s been contacted recently by people asking him to consider running for the seat and hasn’t had time to fully consider it.

He declined to identify who approached him about possibly running but expressed interest in using his intimate knowledge of the city-parish’s infrastructure woes in a leadership position.

“Baton Rouge has some serious traffic problems, among other things, and it’s only getting worse,” he said. “Remember when people were talking about ‘Carmageddon’ a few years ago? Well, for some people, it’s Carmageddon every day.”

Carmageddon was the term used to describe the traffic nightmare that unfolded three years ago after a crash on Interstate 10 near Essen Lane in which two semi-trucks collided. One truck was hauling a tanker with isobutane, which spilled out onto the pavement and shut down the busy interstate. The wreck happened just before rush hour, blocking traffic in both directions for a full day.

The election for mayor-president will be held in November .

Mayor-President Kip Holden is finishing his third term and can’t run again for mayor because he’s term limited.

If Guillory jumps in the race, he will be up against fellow Democrat Sharon Weston Broome, a longtime legislator and term-limited state senator. Former East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council member Rodney “Smokie” Bourgeois, a Democrat, also said he plans to run.

Metro Councilman John Delgado, a Republican, is widely expected to run for mayor-president, but he has not made his plans official.

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