The LSU Student Senate passed a resolution Wednesday urging that single-stall “gender neutral” restrooms be established around campus to accommodate both transgender students and anyone desiring added privacy, according to The Daily Reveille, LSU’s student newspaper.

The Student Senate is asking LSU Facility Services to change the signs on existing single-stall restrooms to “gender neutral.” The resolution also asks that renovations and new buildings include these facilities, The Reveille reports.

“What it would do is create safe spaces for transgender people to pee. It’s really simple,” said Ethan Guerra of Spectrum, an LSU organization that supports the LGBT community. “It’s not a big issue that really should have a lot of debate, yet it does. They’re not trying to make a statement, they’re just trying to use the bathroom.”

Bathroom issues for transgender people came up earlier this year in Baton Rouge when transgender woman Champagne Starr, working in the cafeteria of the downtown state courthouse, said building managers wrongly denied her access to the women’s bathrooms.

And in September, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles announced it would allow transgender people to get their photo taken as they appear in their day-to-day lives. The decision came after 21-year-old Alexandra Glover, in an encounter she videotaped, was told by an OMV clerk in Baton Rouge that she needed to remove her makeup because she is “actually a man.”