Cold temperatures may have discouraged some from taking part in a “family adventure” at Perkins Road Community Park on Saturday, but the teams of adults and children who did come engaged in heated and spirited competition.

They climbed, hopped and paddled their way to finish lines at the event, which was hosted by BREC. It featured a combination of races that included rock climbing, bike racing, fitness exercises and kayak paddling.

The Spencer family from Baton Rouge, one of the groups competing, often found themselves out of breath after each race due to their competitive nature.

“Go, Aubrey, you can do it,” shouted Dayna Spencer, to her daughter Aubrey Spencer, 6, as she jump roped during the fitness portion of the race.

Aubrey ran as fast as she could after jumping through and over obstacles emulating her older sister, Ally Spencer, 8, who had just finished the course before her.

As Aubrey raced toward the finish line, a BREC employee stopped the time clock and recorded her speed.

“Good job,” said Jason Spencer, as he encouraged his daughter for participating with such energy.

Though Dayna and Jason were part of the same group, their competitive side sometimes took over during the races.

“Hey, that one doesn’t count!” said Jason, as he observed Dayna doing push-ups. Jason tallied 30, but his wife was slowly catching up until she surpassed his number by a few.

“She has the edge on me today,” Jason admitted.

Winners were decided by tallying up points from each segment, which were gained by how quickly competitors finished a race. The Spencers placed second after all the points were totaled.

Isabel DeRouen, 7, partnering with her father Zach DeRouen, and friend Elise Kent, 10, won the series by 5 points.

“My favorite part was kayaking,” said Elise, eyeing the gold trophy she worked hard to help win. “It was fun, but hard.”

Zach DeRouen said he decided to get the two children outside on Saturday, despite the chilly conditions.

“I wanted to get them out on a Saturday morning,” Zach said. “My daughter was all for it, and it’s better than just staying at home.”

Part of the goal for BREC organizers was to provide an opportunity for Baton Rouge residents to get active, said Amanda Bradley, BREC Outdoor Adventure coordinator.

The event, in it’s second year, didn’t have as high a turn out as the inaugural family adventure race, but the goal still was served, Bradley said.

“It’s a different kind of opportunity to get (families) together,” she said. “They are being rewarded for being fit.”