Editor’s note: We received two questions about U.S. 190: one about the bridge over the Mississippi and another about guardrail replacement west of La. 1. For both questions, we went to Lauren Lee, public information officer with the state Department of Transportation and Development.

QUESTION: In reference to the painting of the U.S. 190 bridge, the approaches to the bridge under the railroad tracks seemed to have been painted first. Either rust or the orange color is bleeding through the new paint rapidly. It seems to be more visible every time I cross the bridge. Is that just a primer that was applied or was the paint job not ideal? It seems that inspectors would have seen this by now.

ANSWER: Lee says, “The orange color in question is not rust or paint, but dirt, dust particles, and debris that is being shaken loose from the tracks, boxcars and hauled material from passing trains. These items are not damaging to the bridge.

“This residue was not noticeable when the bridge was originally painted orange. However, now that the bridge and approaches are being painted with the new gray color, it is more visible.”

QUESTION: On U.S. 190 west of La. 1, the next phase of construction has stopped. In the completed section, there are safe turn lanes. But in the section from La. 1 west to Krotz Springs, many wrecks with serious injuries and/or death have occurred because of no turn lanes. It has been proven by the marked decrease in wrecks in the completed sections of construction that it needs to continue west to Krotz Springs. Is there any projected date of this being accomplished?

ANSWER: Lee says a guardrail replacement project is scheduled for late spring or early summer of this year.

“This project will replace the existing center guardrail between the eastbound and westbound roadways, and overlay a portion of the pavement.

“In addition, DOTD is considering a plan to follow up this work with a project that would include the installation of turn lanes/crossovers at regular intervals, and eliminate all other median openings.

“There is currently no timeline or design for the work since a funding source has not yet been secured.”

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