“Lincoln’s Body: A Cultural History” by Richard Wightman Fox. W.W. Norton, 2015. $28.95.

This year marks 150 years since Abraham Lincoln was killed by an assassin’s bullet as he took in a play, and there’s a slew of books to commemorate his life and legacy. This is among the best of them. Wightman Fox (“Jesus in America”) creates an intimate, moving history of Lincoln that goes beyond the typical chronology of Lincoln’s life. Instead, he focuses on the symbolism of Lincoln’s physical form and the remembrance and veneration of that form in the cult of Lincoln that persists to this day. A fascinating examination.

Beth Colvin, bcolvin@theadvocate.com

“Please, Mr. Panda” by Steven Antony. Scholastic Press, 2015. $16.99.

At my house, which is home to a 5-year-old and a 21-month-old, we sometimes have manners problems. I know, a shocker.

This book helps. In it, a sad-looking panda offers a variety of critters a doughnut and turns them down one by one, until one finally remembers his manners. Antony’s simple, but bold, art and readable text are perfect for younger children but engaging enough for older ones, too. A good lesson for anyone, please and thank you.

Beth Colvin, bcolvin@theadvocate.com